The brand

iStockphotos is the bigger brother of Thinkstock (currently both owned by Getty Images). The business model is based on virtual credits that are purchased to buy specific assets. Credit can be acquired as in a package or subscription.


Digital/Web Designer and developer. Leverage the extensive library of images to use for marketing material. Work within brand guidelines.


Marketing manager, Copywriter, Designer (Me)

"A bit of a brat,
a bit of an hero"

General marketing material to strengthen brand awareness

20 cm x 20 cm leaflet

Explains how to use "credits" towards digital content. Packages and subscriptions to get credits.


Marketing material to be used at the Webfest 2012 to boost brand awareness

Postcards with 20% discount for Webfest visitors

Woman T-shirt

Man T-shirt



Headers for tutorials developed in collaboration with 3rd party publishers. These tutorials where targeted to designers and photographers, which themselves were our target audience.

"No panic. There is re-solution"

Headline for tutorial about dpi and px. Designers and Photographers, at some point in their career, will have to face the "dpi vs px" conundrum. It's often a touchy subject and for many it's head wrecking. We used a picture that coveys that "head wrecking" feeling accompanied by a copy that refers to a "re-solution" to this.

"Let’s shine light on Adobe Lightroom 4"

Lightroom is a well know tool for photo editing. Before digital photography came along, in order to review the negatives of the picture a light table was used like the one above. The word "shine light" plays well with the picture as well as introducing the user to the subject.

"Let’s make your business fly, with the business account"

This was a tutorial / advertisement on how to use a business account with our products. The choice of the picture was in line with the theme of the campaign used to promote iStockphoto.


Canon partnered with iStockphotos to promote a new line of premium business printers. Those printers were capable of printing long sheets of paper at very high resolution. The collaboration was such that iStockphoto would provide a number of pictures that lately were used at the event to showcase the capabilities of the printer. Of course iStockphoto was well advertised at this event as the partner and provider of those pictures.

"Pick another point of view"

General marketing material to strengthen brand awareness



Human size, self standing, cut out silhouettes printed from the promoted printers by Canon in order to showcase the capabilities of their new line of printers.